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How We Consign

How We Consign:


  • Bring in the items you would like for us to sell. 15 or less is ideal!

  • We prefer to set up appointments so we are prepared for your items.


  • The less we have to do to get your clothes ready to sell, the faster your clothes will make it to the selling floor!

  • Prices are set at the discretion of Door No.3.  We price based on the brand, the condition, and how well similar items sell in our store. If we are unsure, we check pricing on online sites and go from there. 

  • We reserve the right to discount prices at ANY time. 

  • Once ALL prices, discounts, and coupons have been applied, that price is then split between you and Door No.3. You (Consignor) will receive 40% cashout, or 50% if used as store credit. 

  • Donations: Once we feel we have given an item ample time to sell and it has survived all the sales and markdowns we will then pull it for donation. Our donations go to several clothing closets where people who need them have access to them without being charged.

  • You can pick up:  We understand that you may not want your items to be donated to our causes. We will give you a call when we pull your items and you have 7 days to pick up items or they will be donated regardless.

  • We do NOT have room to store your items. If you call and need longer to pick up items there will be a $5.00 fee to hold your clothes an additional week. 

  • Door No. 3 is NOT responsible for Fire, Theft, Loss, Damage, or any other catastrophe to your Merchandise. We do try our best to prevent any of these from happening though!

  • We do NOT do automatic payouts, you may however stop in at any time for any money you've earned. Once a week, or once a month, it's completely up to you.  

  • We do NOT communicate about each item sold, you are welcome to call anytime to check the status of your account.

  • Accounts that have been inactive for more than 6 months will be closed automatically and deleted from our system. ALL account funds will be forfeited to Door No.3. 

  • You can check on your account at any time either in person, phone 720-639-6568 , or email DoorNumber3Consignment@Gmail.com


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